Profile of the Firm

Automated Port Solutions (APS) is a company renowned for its marketing of quality services and products of superior technology. We earn trust by operating with integrity and by demonstrating our long-term commitment to the markets we serve. We provide powerful solutions by offering superior services, products and support to our customers. APS offers unparalleled cross-industry and cross technologies expertise, and from our opportunities we gain from the synergies across businesses, and we are committed to providing ongoing support to individual customers and markets. We understand the critical issues and challenges that are facing our customers today and we will work as committed partners to provide innovative solutions. Our team provides exceptional value by proactively helping to articulate solutions, and by responding quickly and effectively in supporting the partnerships and port community’s success. We know that you take your responsibilities very seriously and you can count on us to do what we promise.

  • Award winning seasoned professionals previously employed by Government and Industry that have been responsible for the successful implementation of integrated critical infrastructure systems.
  • Professionals that have been in the trenches and have the war wounds to show for it. From risk assessment services to training; from security engineering and design to procurement assistance.
  • Attending to your challenges in every step of the way to assure a successful project which meets or exceed the original requirements. Special attention to details from start to finish, and a work ethic that goes above and beyond on every project.
  • Being a partner and offering solutions with unparalleled service that are sound and bring value to the business. We are in the business of providing holistic solutions, not stitching together products that weren’t designed to satisfy the requirements.