Integrated Access Control, Alarm Monitoring and Visitor Management Systems deliver maximum protection, versatility, simple operation and cost efficiency. They fulfill a dual role: in addition to keeping unauthorized people out of, they have to let authorized users through. In addition to allowing or denying access, many access control systems track who comes and goes and when. Would you know if someone accessed your site at 3:00 AM on a Sunday morning? If you distribute physical keys to your sites, you can never be sure of when they are used. This puts your mission-critical infrastructure at an unacceptable risk. An advanced access control system gives you the power to monitor every entry at your sites – and the peace of mind provided by after-hours notifications sent to your mobile phone or pager. APS experts have installed the most advanced technologies available, including modern object-oriented software and advanced database architecture which allows for its implementation on various mission critical platforms. Designs have met the needs of various sizes of organizations, from one that requires entry-level, two-reader systems to large enterprises with numerous facilities and hundreds of card readers and sensors.


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