APS experts led the design and implementation of a state-of-the art fully integrated Berth Scheduling System which maximizes use of docking space, eases the berth request process for husbandry agents and ensures enforcement of business regulations. Berth Request and Assignment functions are fully automated, as requests are entered and accepted via the Internet. Berthing Officers reply with the approval or denial of the berth request via the Internet application and email notification.

This system interfaces with the Billing, Customer Contacts and Permit Systems to enforce business rules. The Planning Board depicts the berthing data graphically for both cruise and cargo areas, while the Virtual Port Image provides a visual real-time display of ships berthed at the Port. The Port Image is a real-time representation of all actual berths at the port plotted (to scale) on an AutoCAD Photoshop Port Map which is made on the Internet to assist Berthing Agents in the submission of their berth requests.