APS experts led the design and implementation of a state-of-the art fully integrated Business Permitting System which provides the ability to efficiently process and maintain accurate information regarding companies conducting business at a Port.

This system delivers many functions, the most important being the ability to register companies and track the application submittal throughout the approval processes. The Permit System is also the only tool for the maintenance of the Permitted Company List, including not only contact information but also permit-related information (i.e. insurance certificates, surety bonds, etc.). Much of the permitting business logic is written inside the system and the calculation of dues is based on the tariff table for each permit’s category. The system also features ample mailing, e-mailing, fax-sending, and reporting capabilities.

The official Permit to conduct business at a Port is “issued” only when the company has paid applicable fees in full, has submitted proof of insurance, and proof of deposited bond (if required as a performance-guarantee); a three-tier approval process follows the completion of the material-prerequisites: Finance, Operation, and the Director’s office. The application is fully integrated with the Port of Miami Credentialing, Berthing and Cargo Vehicle Processing Systems.