Cargo Gate Vehicle Processing Security System designed and implemented by APS physical security experts rank amongst the most technologically advanced Cargo Gate system in the Western Hemisphere. It is used to control access to the restricted cargo areas of the Port. All vehicles (personal and truck) entering the restricted area must be screened before access is granted. By the use of cameras, proximity readers, magnetic-stripe readers, biometrics, OCR readers, cameras and microphones all vehicles and persons are screened and equipment information is captured and stored. All visitors must have a Identification Card, a valid visitor card, or valid driver’s license to enter the restricted area. The visitor will present a form of ID to one of the devices and then authentication of said ID is done; providing all requirements to allow entry is complete access is granted. If access is granted, a gate pass is issued for the individual(s) inside the vehicle. A gate pass for trucks is a paper printout of the time, date, name of driver, and list of equipment brought into the restricted area. For cars, an electronic gate pass is created capturing the similar information. This system also allows trucking companies to review their gate transaction logs and balances via the internet.

The Gate is system is integrated with the Credentialing, Access Control, Accounting and Permit Systems. Real-time integration with the Terminals was soon be implemented to assure visitors have pre-authorized clearance from the Cargo Terminal Operators.