Green Lanes for Cargo Entrance Gates


The Green Lane Concept is based on Pre-Gate Portals fully integrated to the Cargo Terminal Operating System(s) and any Port Authority Legacy Security, Operational and/or Business Systems capable of processing and providing all the necessary information to all parties in a secured and safe environment resulting in dramatically reducing truck turn-around time, maximization of usable acreage for the benefit of the Cargo Terminals and reducing Terminal Operator Labor Costs. Trusted Truck (RFID Tag installed on the truck), Trusted Driver (TWIC Reader/Camera/Wireless Transmitter in an enclosure install inside the Cab) and a Trusted Trip (Pre-Arrival information entered via the Web or from other sources – NOT AN APPOINTMENT). The goal is to allow a driver/trucking company to “qualify” for entry via the Green Lane (without stopping at a Security or TIR Gate) and drive directly to the Truck Pad where the driver is delivering or picking up a container. A “WIN” for the Terminal, as greater efficiencies are attained (aka – reduced labor costs), a “WIN” for the Trucker/Trucking Company, as wait times at Gates are eliminated resulting is greater profitability, and a “WIN” for the Environmentalists as trucks are not idling at Security/TIR gates thus reducing carbon emissions. The Green Lane Concept makes use of cutting-edge Cargo Terminal technology to expedite its operational and security functions.