Physical Security Technology Master Plan

Strategically located outside the Bayonne Bridge in the upper New York Bay in the city of Bayonne, New Jersey. Global Terminals is the closest container terminal to the New York/New Jersey harbor entrance, reducing transit time by two hours each way. Unrestricted by air and water draft, it is the only terminal in the harbor able to service the large vessels transiting the Suez and Panama canals. Currently at 100 acres (40 hectares), the current Global Expansion Project will increase the dock face to 2,700 feet (823 meters) of contiguous berth.

A significant part of the expansion was to implement modern physical security technology that will support and secure the expect growth in container volumes for planned in 2014. Global Terminals engaged Automated Port Solutions to create a Physical Security Technology Master Plan that evaluated and measured the reliability and cost-efficiency of their existing and planned security initiatives. An assessment and analysis of Global Terminal operations (as it relates to security) was conducted. APS provided a Technology Master Plan that addressed the below technologies which were planned for immediate implementation:

  • Camera Location Layout and coverage specifications
  • Video Management
  • Physical Access Control
  • Transportation Worker Identification Card
  • Truck Entry Gate Card Imager
  • Command Center Video Wall
  • Truck Gate Pedestal Card Imager

The following criteria was taken into consideration and documented under the headings Operational Requirements:

  • Determination of the zones or objects requiring surveillance.
  • Determination of the number of monitoring equipment and sensors and their locations required to monitor the agreed zones and objects.
  • Potential threat or activity to be monitored and/or recorded
  • Purpose(s) of the surveillance.
  • Intended target(s) of the surveillance and the frame rate appropriate to the target’s speed.
  • Manner in which images will be viewed and recorded.
  • How data will be exported from the system to permanent record.
  • Selection of cameras and equipment depending on the operating environmental conditions.

Project Contact:
Ed O’Brien
Safety & Security Director
Global Terminals & Container
302 Port Jersey Blvd
Jersey City, New Jersey 07305
(201) 706-4017