Video Management System Design

cs2The Port of Buenaventura is Colombia’s main port on the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately the most important port in Colombia is a hotbed of violence where drug traffickers, guerillas, and paramilitary groups struggle for dominance. As a tool to quell the criminal element, the Port of Buenaventura was embarking on a project to implement a closed circuit television system to mitigate theft, drugs and other crimes in and around the Port Authority. A Video Management Needs Assessment was created and delivered to Port of Buenaventura Management that recommended the implementation of a 312 camera Closed Circuit Television Surveillance System to deter and document crime.

An assessment and analysis of operations (as it relates to security) was conducted. A location survey of the site was conducted to determine where the equipment is to be installed. The survey resulted in the creation of a site plan with optimal positioning points for equipment being indicated on the site plan. The purpose of the location survey and site plan was to identify the best placement for the equipment, the optimum field of view, and potential and actual environmental problems, etc. This location survey took account of the Risk, Contents, Building and Supervision levels.

A system design was created to select the appropriate equipment and software. The system design documented the Port’s requirements as to the purpose of the equipment (i.e. are they required for monitoring, detecting, recognizing or identifying events or targets on the screen). A risk assessment was conducted to determine the risk level, paying attention to the function of the observation or surveillance as described by the Port. The function of the observation or surveillance included crowd control, theft, unauthorized entry and public safety
Project Contact:
Víctor Julio González
Port of Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura
Avenida Portuaria
Edificio de Administración
691 43 48