Waterside Surveillance System

cs5A full implementation of the Port’s various Access Control Systems and advanced Video Management Systems had satisfied the requirements for landside security. Unfortunately there was not an automated solution to assist the Seaport Security Officers to monitor the waterways surrounding the Port of Miami. As large vessels docked on the Ports shoreline restricted visibility of both equipment and the Security Officers, a system that could monitor the surrounding waterways from off-Port property looking in towards the Port would be required. It needed to provide real-time situational awareness and record activity in key areas around the Port facilities during all hours (day and night) and under all weather conditions. Ideally this system would also be available to Law Enforcement Officers that protect the shoreline in patrol boats.

A detailed analysis of the waterside security requirements was completed with the goal of defining the project’s Scope of Work. Due to the complexity of the requirements and the cutting edge technology required to meet the requirements, the solution was developed through the active participation from the Florida Department of Transportation, Miami-Dade County Police Department, U.S. Coast Guard and the Port of Miami Security Division. APS experts partnered with GTSI, Adesta and Honeywell to install the hardware peripherals, and worked together to implement the many hardware and software components. The main objective was to detect, identify, track and graphically display all targets (stationary or moving) in the waterways surrounding the Seaport. Additional requirements included the seamless integration with the Port’s legacy security systems and other business related applications.

The resulting system deployed sophisticated off-the-shelf radar technology that that integrates Radar, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Video, and Sensor data to provide the highest value wide area surveillance system available. Radar Video Surveillance sensors automatically detect intruders in user defined Alarm Zones. Alarms are generated to alert security personnel and PTZ cameras are automatically directed to the intruder. Video is recorded and distributed over a wireless Local Area Network to provide both recorded history and real time situational awareness to Port of Miami Security and Law Enforcement personnel.

The system is comprised of a FCC licensed wireless network, a combination of sensors, receivers, software servers and client workstations. The system provides a wide area surveillance solution by leveraging the strengths of each of the system components (Radar, Video, and AIS). Radar and other passive long range sensors are used to detect and track targets. The target data is displayed using a client application that uses a GIS overlay. The System’s AIS data was used to interface with the Port’s Vessel Scheduling System to provide near real-time vessel arrival and departure information, which provides accurate vessel arrival/departure times 24 hours a day via the internet.
Project Contact:
Juan Kuyla,
Deputy Port Director
Port of Miami
1015. N. America Way
2nd Floor
Miami FL. 33132
(305) 347-4800