The Cashiering and Verification Systems have been designed and developed by the APS subject matter experts. Cashiering allows the processing of daily payment transactions for the all revenue collections. The ability to pre-deposit money into company accounts is also provided. Cash drawers are integrated within the system to provide enhanced security and individual accountability. Receipts are printed for all transactions. The system provides a full range of journals, research tools and self-auditing capabilities along with reporting capabilities to satisfy the management’s needs.

Users have the ability to review transaction journals; void a transaction, request a refund, control the workstations’ statuses, open their respective cash drawer, print a duplicate receipt, and perform all the typical cashiering-related functions. A second module called Verification provides an interface into the ID Badge System which allows the cashier to validate the processing of ID Badge-related payments. Basic information about the applicant (name, social security number, etc.) is captured and stored as a cross reference (utilizing a tracking number and a verification number) between the payment and eventual issuance of the badge itself. These references between the payment, verification and Id badge Issuance allow for improved auditing capability. The system allows charging moneys to verifications using several tenders and sources (i.e.: cash, pre-deposited, credit charges, or waived-fees for a reason).