The Credentialing system handles the process of badge issuance by the Identification and Credentialing Section and prints the badges for permanent employees and visitors. APS experts have designed and implemented the only port-centric credentialing system in the Country. The system collects personal information about the applicants and grants them the appropriate access to the seaport facilities via integration with the Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Access Control System. The system also contains all the necessary business rules to implement federal, state and local Port security regulations. The adjudication process is also controlled by the system which allows the operators to have a better control of the process, print several business letters automatically, and generate ad-hoc reports. The ID Badge system also has 18 pre-built reports and it has the capability of generating different options of reports under the Batch option. The system also saves a history trace of each ID Badge holder and allows operators to view that entire said history.