APS experts led the design and implementation of a state-of-the-art fully integrated Financial Billing & Accounts Receivable System with commodity reporting capabilities. When a vessel departs the Port every item of billable service can be recorded using the tariff schedule and customized calculations for discounts, mark-ups, and rates based on all types of units of measure this port uses to do business. Capturing accurate and comprehensive cargo data is accomplished electronically through a variety of message formats and communications protocols. All imported data is validated and converted, where necessary, to customer specific internal codes. The manifest editor allows for manual entry of manifest data input and editing of electronically input data. Wharfage tariffs are automatically calculated for each manifest in accordance with customer contract details. The result is immediate and accurate recording of cargo revenue (Harbour fees, dockage, wharfage and utility services).

Invoices may be delivered as email, PDF attached files, faxes (using built in telephony), or traditional mail invoices. Customers can pay their invoices online by e-check, credit card or wire transfers.