Police and law enforcement agencies around the globe are using gunshot detection systems to provide real-time information about gunfire and explosions, enabling a more effective response to gun violence and giving them a more complete picture of crime, so that they can better protect their personnel and their Seaports. Providing constant 360-degree wide-area acoustic surveillance, solutions feature built-in interoperability using standards-based communications protocols to share data across systems, roles and other agencies for a streamlined and coordinated response to all critical events. Gunshot detection systems can interface with video surveillance systems that require guidance to train individual cameras and capture video intelligence at the scene of an incident and its surroundings.

Instant, accurate tactical awareness:

  • Immediate alerts, even when no one calls 911
  • Precise location anywhere within coverage area including latitude/longitude and street address
  • Exact time and number of rounds fired
  • Shooter position, speed and direction of travel (if moving)

Yield critical forensic data after detailed analysis, including:

  • Sequence of rounds fired with time and position data
  • Type or types of weapons used
  • Number of weapons or shooters
  • Weapon cyclic rates

Support strategic deterrence:

  • Awareness of all gunfire, not just reported incidents
  • Cumulative data enables proactive crime analysis
  • Detailed data enhances investigation and prosecution