APS recognizes the demands of today’s issues and meeting those challenges through the effective development and implementation of timely and cost-effective risk mitigation solutions. Our Planning Systems Program recognizes the broad spectrum of financial, operational, and physical security challenges and issues faced by government today. At the core of the firm’s goal is to provide integrated, cost-effective enterprise systems technology solutions to expedite the movement of people, assets, and facilities. By necessity, this specialized work considers the three critical elements —architecture, technical requirements, and operations—and each one’s impact on the built environment as well as the human factor. The implementation of a successful solution should be flexible, transparent, effective, and result in greater efficiencies which reduce risks while protecting assets – both short- and long-term. Instead of applying the usual “quick stop-fix” solutions, APS develops a tailored strategy for each client to ensure that the implemented solution addresses the financial, operational and security risks they are attempting to manage. Our team of subject matter experts, system engineers, and program delivery specialists are able to design an integrated enterprise solution tailored to your specific needs. Our clients rely on us for our insight and expertise in delivering innovative financial, operational and security management best practices.


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