Automated Port Solutions provides mass transit solutions that enhance the security of people, operations, mobile assets in transit, and infrastructure. Using the essential elements of security – planning, physical security, equipment, and technology – Automated Port Solutions subject matter experts will develop solutions that offer complete protection for facilities and passengers. As the hub of activity for mobile passengers in transit, the security needs of public transportation facilities encompass many key areas of physical security. Because the transportation industry is a prime target for acts of terrorism, it is essential to have a comprehensive security solution in place for both the physical facilities found in a transportation environment, in addition to individuals in transit.

There are a number of security needs as it relates to passengers and assets in a mobile environment. Automated Port Solutions Subject Matter Experts are well versed in the needs that are specific to mobile assets and transportation. Video surveillance, access control, perimeter coverage, point-of-service, currency protection, monitoring, and special needs including wireless technology are essential in providing uninterrupted security coverage of mobile assets in public transportation while at hub facilities and in transit. Providing security for passengers and assets in transit is an important – but complicated – task. Security includes the ability to monitor many aspects of vehicles and passengers while in transit, which oftentimes means coverage of mobile units for hours at a time. While in transit, management must be able to evaluate the status of mobile units for proper security, but also see that procedural transportation requirements are being met. This presents special security needs that include continuous coverage and the ability to communicate any mobile security issues while vehicles are in transit.

Security in the transportation environment involving mobile vehicles and customers in transit require layers of security so that all security endeavors do not rest on just one level of security. Automated Port Solutions has a wealth of experience in designing and implementing affordable mobile transportation security solutions. Our Subject Matter Experts work with in-house transportation security officials – as well as local, state, and federal regulators – to develop the best security solutions in transportation for fixed assets and mobile units in transit.

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