APS experts designed a Container Scanning System that provides seaports with a quick and effective tool to detect contraband vehicles and/or cargo concealed within cargo containers. It locates vehicles and other illicit high-value items within a cargo container destined for export. The system is small and collocated at an existing vehicle control point such as the weigh scales where trucks must already stop before entering a port. It represents the least expensive and lowest resolution member of scanning systems, providing a specific solution to the stolen goods application. By providing the system with a low resolution capability, the cost is about 25% of a normal gamma ray /x-ray systems.

The system is designed to locate vehicles within a cargo container, such as the intermodal containers transporting cargo through marine ports. The system is positioned at a checkpoint, such as the weigh scales where vehicles stop before entering a port. The vehicle is stopped with the vehicle cab just ahead of the gamma-ray scanning device (the Source), and as the vehicle leaves the checkpoint, the trailer passes through the Source. A video image recorded of the vehicle is then saved with the image, so the vehicle can be easily located and traced.

The system was designed to operate in very small areas, such as the 15-foot wide lanes entering many port areas. This system uses a small Cesium-137 source and a detector tower that are located on pedestals at the checkpoint. It can be installed in each lane, allowing for complete coverage with virtually no impact on throughput.