APS experts analyzed the requirements and oversaw the procurement and installation of Parking Revenue Systems that allow the users to manage parking access and revenue control from their workstation. The user can be in constant communication with all of the stations within the parking facility. They are real-time systems that allow the user to observe transactions almost as they occur. Additionally, they allow the user to lock gates open or closed, to put particular stations out of service as needed, or to instruct exit stations to “swallow” tickets, right from the user’s work station. Security and revenue issues become easy to manage with information on alarms, cashier transactions, customer identification and the status of each station visible on the computer screen.
Fee collection computers are connected through the network to the communications server. The communications server polls the stations to collect data about each parking transaction, including patrons entering and exiting the lots, back-out alarms, vehicle counts, parking payments, etc. All transactions are stored in the database for reporting. Managers will find the program easy to use due to its organization and streamlined appearance. Since transactions are regularly stored in the database, transaction reports include even the most up-to-date information. The systems include options to view reports on the screen and to print or export the reports to several different formats.