The Project and Cost Accounting System was designed and developed by the APS subject matter experts. The System provides an effective solution for Construction Cost Accountants that require a time-and-material system. It delivers the tools necessary to manage the simplest to most complex job. It makes the tracking, costing, and billing of projects easy and manageable-simplifying cost control and planning. With the powerful features of Project and Job Costing you can identify potential issues and determine success factors for any project.
The system provides an efficient and user-friendly approach for recording labor, material (parts), and contractor-costs associated with each work order. Costs are entered and posted on request. Screens are designed to retrieve and process this information in a logical and easy-to-understand format. All Work Orders are classified by Type, Location and Function. A summary of the Work Orders current and prior year(s) cost including overhead is provided. Details of Labor, Material and Contractor costs may be obtained by visiting the featured tabs.

The Job Order Cost System retains all work order costs by fiscal year. End of Year functions are provided to close the year and maintain the integrity of the data. Overhead rates to calculate fringes, general and indirect labor costs are maintained and reports provide the information required by management to interpret and analyze the financial data. Reporting options are provided to provide friendly custom tailoring of reports.