Creation of Request for Proposals / Invitation to Bids
The weakest portion of a Request for Proposal is usually the Scope of Work Section. This is due to the lack of time, resources and expertise to research, educate and document the functions and technical requirements of a System or Program. APS provides the objective insight to create a detailed actionable Scope of Work that provides conceptual designs to assure Bidders fully understand the requirements and protect you from the “Misunderstandings“ and “Change Order Game”.

Grant Writing & Compliance Management
It is the rare organization that could continue to carry out its mission anywhere near as effectively if its grants dried up, and for many, such an occurrence would sound the death knell. APS understands the importance of obtaining grant monies and as such our grant writing professionals serve as Grants Liaisons on several Committees interacting with partners in the development of and application for grants, including reviewing and validating required Investment Justifications. We have served as Grant Compliance Managers for several clients which involves the writing of grant proposals for grants, and the management of reimbursements and reporting requirements for those grants awarded.

Master Plans – (Physical Security, Operations, Information Technology)
Few facilities have reaped the benefits of creating an Integrated Physical Security and/or Operations Technology Master Plan to protect the facility, the people who work in it and gain significant operational efficiencies. This has resulted in the implementation of systems that do not meet the facility’s security and operational requirements and the creation of stovepipe systems that become very cumbersome to monitor and operate. The challenge is developing and implementing an effective and tailor-made integrated physical security technology plan. This plan consists of three mutually supporting elements – physical security measures, operational systems to enforce the measures and redundancy/disaster recovery. Operational procedures are the lifeblood of any organization – they cover how the facility works on day- to-day business, such as shift changes, deliveries, maintenance schedules and so on. You must understand how the facility works and operates in order to develop an effective Master Plan that introduces process reengineering to gain significant efficiencies and improve customer service.

Owners Representative
Unlike a general contractor or design professional whose fiduciary responsibility is to their employer, an owner’s representative is an extension of the owner and solely represents the owner’s interest. To avoid costly installation/construction errors and post-installation issues, an owner’s representative must act through the owner’s eyes serving as facilitator, mediator, general counsel and general contractor. The representative must ensure that all stakeholders are focused on the project, communicating effectively and working toward the common goal. As owner’s representative, APS will be your delegate. We’ll make sure your desired outcomes are achieved. Throughout the project, we will make recommendations on engineering, design and scope, contract issues, budget and actual cost status, proposed changes, schedule changes, project extensions and problem resolution.

Project Management
To be a winner in today’s competitive environment, facilities must operate as competently as possible in order to deliver goods and services faster, cheaper and better than their competitors. Competent project management capabilities are critical to success in this challenging environment. Whether you have a straightforward project or a program consisting of multiple related initiatives, there is a requirement for efficiency in executing and managing the required tasks to achieve the desired outcome. But often, companies do not have the requisite skills, resources or bandwidth to manage the work. In fact, over ½ of all projects are late, over budget or have a reduced scope and outcome.

APS provides professional and experienced program and project management experts necessary to be successful. We offer the understanding and qualifications to manage even the most complex programs based on your needs. Our services include the ability to manage projects, programs and initiatives efficiently – at whatever level is required. We develop and implement practices and processes for managing projects using best practices, but blending them into your organization.

Facility Security Plans