APS experts have designed and implemented both analog and Internet Protocol (IP) video management systems for small installations like parking garages, to enterprise multi-facility campus wide agencies. APS has participated in several design/build projects associated with the installation of a CCTV system networks for monitoring restricted and secure areas. Both outdoor site and indoor cameras have been installed using both wired and wireless solutions.

APS has installed analog and modern IP systems for small, medium and large organizations. Small installs of up to 16 cameras for small businesses, 25 to 100 cameras for midsize companies and up to 850 cameras for large agencies. APS has been the consultant tasked with large scale designs for the deployment of 450 analog cameras, and has also led the design to migrate large analog Digital Video Recording System to an IP Hybrid Video Management System consisting of over of 850 cameras and 20 Network Video recorders. The resulting system allowed the customer to remotely and centrally monitor and manage hundreds of pre-existing analog cameras, along with newly-installed IP video surveillance cameras, benefitting from seamless migration path to IP and unified management capabilities.


Traditional Video Analytics


Behavioral Video Analytics